Specialising in Domestic & Commercial Furniture‚Ķ Central West to Sydney Weekly. When you choose Potts Removals as your furniture removalist, you know your relocation is going to be a breeze.

Potts Removals & Storage

Potts has been a name in furniture transport, removals, and storage since the early 1950s.

The company began in Parkes in the late 1950s. Keith and Nola Potts founded it, and it has always been a family business. It has stayed that way through the generations. Today, Gary and David Potts, Keith and Nola’s sons, own the company.

Just like their father, Gary and David are dedicated to moving. They move people and their belongings, as well as new furniture. They also store items, for both businesses and homes.

Their services include residential moves, commercial moves, office relocations, and even interstate removals.